Sunday, July 11, 2010

Med jentene på Toten - With the Girls from Toten

No, not the same "jentene på Toten" that you are thinking of, but Anne Margrete (from Toten) invited for a spinning evening in her cottage.

It was nice to see the girls after a long time. They have been spinning for a while now and we are so curious to see what they are doing. Besides, we know they have some sheeps and they have just bought 2 mohair goats.

TrondE showed his "Art Spindles". It is always exciting to see how people react when one is doing something new especially if one is putting a part of oneself in his work.

To spin in plein air, listening to the waves, while you have an unbelievable sight over "Mjøsa", the biggest lake in Norway, is a positive experience. Not to mention the salmon rice of Oleman, the freshly baked bread of Anne Margrete and the freshly picked norwegian strawberries.


  1. Thanks for giving me a new start of spinning! about 30 years since last time....I look forward to next "spinning-festival"

  2. Nice pictures and a very good "spinning-festival"! Thanks for giving me inspiration to spinn! it is about 30years since last time...I look forward to next time..

  3. Bare hyggelig... we are looking forward to next time too :))


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