Saturday, October 23, 2010

Sokk og Rokk Conquering Iceland !

Country: Iceland
City: Reykjavik
Location: The Handknitting Association of Iceland - Shop
Why?: To buy a spindle

What did we end up doing?: Uhhh ......

Håndtein? Spindle? Jauuu, jauuu, an old man is making drop spindles and he delivers them here, said the shop keeper with a big smile. ..." But I dont know how to use them, do you?" she added.

That was all it took so that TrondE started a demonstration (and a lecture, history, use, size, weight, material, quality.... )

In few seconds, the customers started gathering, watching the 2 aliens: one demonstrating and the other taking photos... But we ended up bay mking new friends.

A special young (cute) enthousiastic girl was very much interested in learning. She followed the demonstration attentively. We are sure that, after we left, she bought herself a drop spindle, and she is practising hard by now :)... and she is enjoying it too :)
Hello from us here in Norway !

A souvenir photo for our blog? Jauuu, jauuu

Monday, October 4, 2010

Viking Spindles

Yes... Spindles were part of the norwegian culture. They have been used in the daily life until the spinning wheel was created and developed. Stones were carved into rings, decorated with simple carvings, and then each was attached to a wood stick, and voila, the spindle was ready: easy made, effective and most of all a survival instrument to defeat the cold winters.

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