Saturday, October 23, 2010

Sokk og Rokk Conquering Iceland !

Country: Iceland
City: Reykjavik
Location: The Handknitting Association of Iceland - Shop
Why?: To buy a spindle

What did we end up doing?: Uhhh ......

Håndtein? Spindle? Jauuu, jauuu, an old man is making drop spindles and he delivers them here, said the shop keeper with a big smile. ..." But I dont know how to use them, do you?" she added.

That was all it took so that TrondE started a demonstration (and a lecture, history, use, size, weight, material, quality.... )

In few seconds, the customers started gathering, watching the 2 aliens: one demonstrating and the other taking photos... But we ended up bay mking new friends.

A special young (cute) enthousiastic girl was very much interested in learning. She followed the demonstration attentively. We are sure that, after we left, she bought herself a drop spindle, and she is practising hard by now :)... and she is enjoying it too :)
Hello from us here in Norway !

A souvenir photo for our blog? Jauuu, jauuu

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