Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Gilbert and George

Hurra !!! Finally, our second spinning wheel has arrived from New Zealand. It is a little celebration here as we waited for quite a long time for this arrival. Although the design is called Suzie Pro, we needed to distinguish the two wheels from each other: we can't have 2 Suzies standing next to each other. We baptised the wheels as: Gilbert and George and we are very satisfied with the names.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

At Eirik's - Hos Eirik

While visiting Eirik, we followed him to the prairie, to give his sheeps a treat. Once there, the place seemed to be deserted, but Eirik knows better his sheeps and they know him. He called them and they heard him, and we heard the bells ringing, filling the silent valley with a lot of noise. At a sudden, we were surrounded by sheeps from everywhere. Lovely creatures and a lovely experience!

Vacation - Ferie

Ok, ok,ok ! So I was not allowed to take photos, but I did. So what's a big deal ! I just could not miss the opportunity of showing these photos on " Sokk og Rokk" and give a tribute to a great norwegian weaver Rakel Onsum Berg (1916 - 2001).

So, away from daily life for few days, we ended up in a little gallery, showing this collection of "billedvev" or tapestries, woven curtains, as well as the personal looms and weaving equipments of the artist and some personal photos.

Amazing works of art, very colourful, without being over the top as the artist was plant colouring her yarns which is another reason to mention this exhibition in this blog. It was a lovely experience.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Med jentene på Toten - With the Girls from Toten

No, not the same "jentene på Toten" that you are thinking of, but Anne Margrete (from Toten) invited for a spinning evening in her cottage.

It was nice to see the girls after a long time. They have been spinning for a while now and we are so curious to see what they are doing. Besides, we know they have some sheeps and they have just bought 2 mohair goats.

TrondE showed his "Art Spindles". It is always exciting to see how people react when one is doing something new especially if one is putting a part of oneself in his work.

To spin in plein air, listening to the waves, while you have an unbelievable sight over "Mjøsa", the biggest lake in Norway, is a positive experience. Not to mention the salmon rice of Oleman, the freshly baked bread of Anne Margrete and the freshly picked norwegian strawberries.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Hurra...en gledens dag...

For fem uker siden bestilte vi nye rokker, og nå har den første kommet. Det er en gledens dag. Den har reist langt, helt fra New Zealand.
Men har man først prøvd en rokk som denne, ja da blir man bare glad.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Dyeing Course

The idea of using the nature around has always been fascinating for me. That is why this course was an opening and an exciting experience. Seeing wool changing colour from a dull white to a more shiny and vivid colour was almost like magic, like a miracle caused by a plant or by a mushroom.

Each one had to mark his own yarn or wool. Not easy to recognise one's own after colouring :)

Do you think my Phoenicians ancestors used the same procedure when they extracted the purple dye from the Murex shell ? hmmm ! Something to reflect over!

Martha, the course leader, a beautiful dynamic woman in her 80's and still going on and on. She has a lot to give and we have a lot to learn.

... and the best part of the course, is a norwegian hotdog "pølse" warmed on coal and consumed in a fantastic norwegian scenery, in a wonderful norwegian summer day! "herlig" !!!
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