Thursday, July 1, 2010

Dyeing Course

The idea of using the nature around has always been fascinating for me. That is why this course was an opening and an exciting experience. Seeing wool changing colour from a dull white to a more shiny and vivid colour was almost like magic, like a miracle caused by a plant or by a mushroom.

Each one had to mark his own yarn or wool. Not easy to recognise one's own after colouring :)

Do you think my Phoenicians ancestors used the same procedure when they extracted the purple dye from the Murex shell ? hmmm ! Something to reflect over!

Martha, the course leader, a beautiful dynamic woman in her 80's and still going on and on. She has a lot to give and we have a lot to learn.

... and the best part of the course, is a norwegian hotdog "pølse" warmed on coal and consumed in a fantastic norwegian scenery, in a wonderful norwegian summer day! "herlig" !!!

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